Nuclear Nation the Movie

Nuclear Nation is a recent documentary by Japanese filmmaker Atsuhi Funahashi.  The documentary focuses on the exodus of the villagers of the town of Futaba after the Fukushima nuclear crisis.  Futaba is one of the closest towns to the Fukushima Power Station, it lies at the dangerously close distance of 3 km.  It was one of the towns at higher risk of radiation contamination after the explosion of the nuclear reactors in Fukushima Daichi.  Its citizens were forced out of town right after the disaster and currently are the refugee community at the farthest distance to the disaster almost 300km south from their hometown.  Currently many of the Futaba villagers are residing inside an abandoned school in the Saitama Prefecture west of Tokyo.  Nuclear Nation narrates the drama of these families that have been left homeless after the Fukushima disaster and throws a light over the attempts of the Japanese government in restoring the lives of tens of thousands of Fukushima refugees.

futaba map fukushima refugees
As seen on this map of Fukushima you can see the close distance from the nuclear reactors to the town of Futaba

An effort to stop nuclear power worldwide

Thanks to people like Atsushi Funahashi the world has been able to understand the real situation in Japan which is very different from the version the Japanese government and media has been telling to the world.   It is time for the world to start thinking critically about the use of nuclear energy, Fukushima has been the example of how catastrophic an accident can be and the consequences it can bring to the world.  Chernobyl and Fukushima have taught the world that local nuclear energy accidents become international problems that affect the  world’s environment, global food chain and humanity’s future generations.  We hope more efforts like the Nuclear Nation come out to bring awareness to the world’s population of the urgency to stop or reduce the use of nuclear energy worldwide.

Nuclear Nation Official Trailer


Stanford R. Ovshinsky the father of modern energy and hybrid car batteries

Stanford R. Ovshinsky has been called “the modern world’s most important energy visionary.” Ovshinsky passed away in October 2012 at the age of 89, during his lifetime he registered over 400 patents including electrical and bio-mechanical innovations. He is a true genius of the 20th and 21st century. Ovshinsky was 100% self-taught, all his knowledge came from public libraries and experimentation. His greatest invention was his advancement in battery technology where he proposed a new type of design from the conventional nickel battery into a use of alloy of different elements that made the battery more powerful and durable. His legacy has made possible the increased lifetime of rechargeable batteries of most of the devices we use in our daily lives, from mobile phones, laptops to hybrid and battery-powered electric cars.

Here is one of his latest videos where he explains the rechargeable battery design technology.

David Icke talks about the Fukushima conspiracy

In this rare interview of year 2013, David Icke speaks in a croatian TV program about the Fukushima disaster in Japan.  David Icke mentions there is an agenda to subject humanity to increasing levels of radiation.  There seems to be evidence that the explosion in Fukushima was intentionally caused and blown up on purpose.  In the video Icke links an israeli security company  linked to the Mossad with the explosion on march 11, 2013, which was caused by radiation sensor in the nuclear containment that were in deed explosives.  This is supported by evidence found by nuclear scientist Arnie Gurnerssen who stated that the explosion in Fukushima seemed more an explosive detonation wave than a hydrogen gas explosion as the Japanese government has stated.  This is because the explosion in Fukushima surpassed the speed of sound barrier which is normal in detonations involving explosives.  The rationale constructed by David Icke on this video sustains the hypothesis that there is a intentional agenda by powerful interests who want to spread radiation in the world.  The reason for why this is happened is not explained by Icke however there is enough evidence that there have been a series of events that have released large amounts of radiation into the environment in an intentional manner, and that there has been very little concern into reducing the use of nuclear power, nuclear fuel and radiation releasing elements and products.

Events that have released the largest amounts of radiation and radioactive waste into the environment previous to Fukushima

  • Nuclear weapon tests by nuclear power nations
    • United States 1,054
    • Soviet union 715
    • United Kingdom 45
    • France 210
    • China 45
    • India 6
    • Pakistan 6
    • North Korea 3
    • Total 2,084 nuclear tests
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear detonations
  • Depleted uranium weapons production
  • Dumping of nuclear waste into the ocean by energy companies
  • Use of nuclear energy worldwide

On the documentary Trinity and Beyond you would be amazed of the obsession of the American military to launch nuclear weapons.  Nuclear tests were performed on a monthly basis like going to see fireworks, these tests were performed in the state of Arizon, New Mexico, Nevada and the Pacific Ocean.  The tests included underground and ground level detonations, atmospheric and submarine detonations.  Basically releasing tons of nuclear waste into the environment, land, air and sea.  Luckily Kennedy banned the nuclear testing, with the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.  In August of 1963, after more than eight years of difficult negotiations, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union signed the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

 David Icke and the Fukushima Disaster Conspiracy

How fossil fuels are making our planet greener

This is an interesting video by rational optimist Matt Ridley that singlehandedly destroys many of the environmental myths surrounding global warming.  Since the discovery of fossil fuel there has been a massive consumption worldwide that has increased the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Environmentalist like Al Gore, sustained that increased levels of carbon dioxide where contributing to the global warming however, new studies have shown that nature has responded to the increase in carbon dioxide by increasing its vegetation worldwide.  Satellite imagery and scientific studies have demonstrated that the world is becoming greener, plants grow greener and larger since they have more fuel to grow with.  The fact that we are putting more carbon dioxide into the air means there is more fuel to grow plants.

Also crops grow larger and faster as before, studies have shown that after 50 years the world uses 65% less farmland to produce the same amount of food.  Meaning we are going to need less farmland every year to produce food for the world.  Fossil fuels not only have contributed to overall global development but have also spared the lives of animals humans used to obtain fuel, like whales and walruses. Also it has allowed humans to depend less on wood to use as fuel which has increased the conservation of forests worldwide which in turn has spared the lives of animals which depended on trees.

This video is an example of rational optimism, a way of understanding the positive results of phenomena scientist or environmentalist can view as negative.

How fossil fuels are making our planet greener with Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley is the International Bestseller Author of “The Red Queen” and “Rational Optimist”