Fukushima Disaster 3rd Year Anniversary: My Story

I was there, a witness of the near apocalypse, one of the biggest earthquakes in the history of Japan that brought the worst tsunami Japan has ever recorded and the worst nuclear meltdown the world has ever faced.


March 11, 2014 marks the 3rd year anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear disaster in the TEPCO power plants. I still remember this day very clearly since I was back then working at the Apple Store in Shibuya and was about to start my shift. The shock wave hit when I was on the Apple Store basement getting ready to work around 3pm in the afternoon. The sensation was unlike any other earthquake I had experienced in Japan, this one felt different from the beginning a deep shake you could feel down to your bones. I knew at that moment this one was going to be the Big One the one you are always waiting for, the one people always said was going to hit in the next decade. I ran upstairs and saw all types of reactions, customers running outside the store confused and panicked others still inside the store like nothing had happened. Me, I just wanted to witness it all, be a first row spectator of this massive event, a witness of apocalypse hoping to live to tell the story, and so I did. Back then all I had was a cheap HTC cellphone with a terrible camera. All I did was take a 1 minute clip of what happened outside the store. I wish I had the phone I have today!

Criticality 3rd Year Anniversary

This is a short clip I uploaded minutes after the earthquake and probably the first clip uploaded of the event. Immediately after it happened I ran to one of our Macbooks at the store and uploaded the video to Youtube, 20 thousand views on the first day.  That same week I began this blog a journal of the tragedy and a place to talk about the disaster to the world.  Since then I have been posting regularly about Fukushima, the dangers of nuclear energy and general awareness topics.  Criticality is a space where curiosity, common sense and human preservation reside.


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