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Nuclear Nation the Movie

Nuclear Nation is a recent documentary by Japanese filmmaker Atsuhi Funahashi.  The documentary focuses on the exodus of the villagers of the town of Futaba after the Fukushima nuclear crisis.  Futaba is one of the closest towns to the Fukushima Power Station, it lies at the dangerously close distance of 3 km.  It was one of the towns at higher risk of radiation contamination after the explosion of the nuclear reactors in Fukushima Daichi.  Its citizens were forced out of town right after the disaster and currently are the refugee community at the farthest distance to the disaster almost 300km south from their hometown.  Currently many of the Futaba villagers are residing inside an abandoned school in the Saitama Prefecture west of Tokyo.  Nuclear Nation narrates the drama of these families that have been left homeless after the Fukushima disaster and throws a light over the attempts of the Japanese government in restoring the lives of tens of thousands of Fukushima refugees.

futaba map fukushima refugees
As seen on this map of Fukushima you can see the close distance from the nuclear reactors to the town of Futaba

An effort to stop nuclear power worldwide

Thanks to people like Atsushi Funahashi the world has been able to understand the real situation in Japan which is very different from the version the Japanese government and media has been telling to the world.   It is time for the world to start thinking critically about the use of nuclear energy, Fukushima has been the example of how catastrophic an accident can be and the consequences it can bring to the world.  Chernobyl and Fukushima have taught the world that local nuclear energy accidents become international problems that affect the  world’s environment, global food chain and humanity’s future generations.  We hope more efforts like the Nuclear Nation come out to bring awareness to the world’s population of the urgency to stop or reduce the use of nuclear energy worldwide.

Nuclear Nation Official Trailer


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