McGyver makes a jet ski out of a coffin

I found this video yesterday while browsing the web. In the scene McGyver seems to be escaping the Nazis while in a coffin. The Nazis took the coffin and where moving it somewhere when one of their superiors yells at them and tells them to get rid of the coffin. They throw the coffin over the bridge with McGyver inside. He then realizes he is on water and activates a device that shoots out the coffin lid and transforms it into a jet ski.

I have seen weird things on TV but this is probably the most outrageous and funny.

Check out the video here!

Naoto Kan of Japan Speaks Out on Fukushima

Naoto Kan the former prime minister of Japan who was in office during the Fukushima disaster speaks out about the current situation. Under the campaign slogan, “Genpatsu Zero” (No nuclear reactors, Kan has lead a campaign to stop nuclear energy in Japan. He has strongly denounced the government on nuclear energy irregularities and corruption and is a strong voice of opposition of Japan’s current government lead by the LDP Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

He has currently been appearing on foreign media outlets here is one of his appearances in Russia Today where he comments about Japan’s current nuclear situation. Below you will find the full conference given at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Japan where the ex Prime Minister exposes the Japanese government and gives his opinion about the future of Japan.

Naoto Kan’s speech at the Foreign Correspondents Club Japan (FCCJ)

Barack Obama a manchurian candidate?

Is Barack Obama a manchurian candidate?

Since Barack Obama has been in office there has been a circulating rumor is that he is actually a The Manchurian Candidate bred by the CIA.  This conspiracy theory whcih sounds quite outrageous and exaggerated, actually makes some sense and has been put together by several scholars and journalists.  Among them John Pilger and Webster Tarpley. (Videos below with claims by Pilger and Tarpley about Obama being a Manchurian candidate)

The Manchurian Candidate Definition

The term “manchurian candidate” comes from the fiction novel by the same name by Richard Condon.  The novel which takes place during the Korean War depicts a platoon of American soldiers who are sent to Manchuria (Northeast China) to be brainwashed into murdering targets in the Communist Party in America.  This novel is the first one to bring up in popular fiction the brainwashing and mind control techniques allegedly used by the CIA and intelligence agencies to breed assassins and conspirators.  The book since has became a global success and the story has been retold in several movies and  the term Manchurian Candidate has become the popular definition of a person brainwashed into committing murder or conspiracy acts against his own will.

Project MKUltra and other mind control experiments

It is of public knowledge that during the 50’s and 60’s during the foundation of the CIA, they were conducting human experiments using mind control and brainwashing agents and human population.  The most renown one was Project MKUltra, a code name for a government funded CIA human research program  that conducted experiments in mind control.  Most of the experimentation dealt with the use of drugs like LSD, hypnosis and brain implants.  It is rumoured that Sirhan Sirhan the shooter accused of the RFK (Robert F. Kennedy) assassination was a product of MKUltra.

Initially the mind control projects were geared towards breeding assassins, that will either kill or become patsies in hits against political figures or important human targets.  However, the theory circulating now is that these targets are now being used to become political puppets, such is the alleged case of Barack Obama.  The allegation comes from evidence that shows that Obama’s grandparents and mother were linked to foundations funded by the CIA which later hired Barack to work for these foundations, during that time it is believed he was indoctrinated and trained to become candidate to a presidency which he won.  Of course he was not the only candidate chosen, there were many others which competed for the position which Barack successfully won.

Barack Obama and his unfulfilled promises

These theory has been gaining more momentum since the late part of his presidency where he has demonstrated in his policies his total incoherence with what he promised during the election campaign.  Some of the issues which evidently show he is in service of other forces other than the People of the United States are the following.

  • The increase in military budget and military presence overseas
  • The reduction in social aid and welfare spending,
  • The deindustrialization of the car manufacturing sector, car industry bailout and shut down of over 40 car manufacturing installations.
  • The financial bailout of corrupt financial institutions, more than 20 trillion dollars in US treasure handed to the big financial Tycoons like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs

… and the list goes on.

Most of the policies demonstrate just a president in service of Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex, with the intention of impoverishing and reducing the american population.

John Pilger and Webster Tarpley speak out about Obama

Below is a video by John Pilger a reknown british journalist who is famous for covering the most important conflicts in South East Asia and Middle East.  Although this video was in 2009 it foresaw what now is happening with Obama’s presidency.

Below is a more accurate theory of the Obama Manchurian Candidate by economist and historian Webster Tarpley.  Tarpley has written 2 biographies of Obama and has researched him extensively since his election campaign in 2006.  The following video is the 1st part of a 1 hour interview with Alex Jones.


Finding a Job in Japan

Finding a job in Japan can be a challenge, especially for foreigners. Our job guide provides information about job searches, contracts and working conditions. Look in the classifieds for available positions and/or post an ad with your profile. Ask questions and share your experiences with other job-seekers in the forums.

From the end of the Second World War until very recently there was great stigma attached to changing jobs in Japan. For Japanese, finding employment was as simple as finishing school and going to work for a major company – the job search was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Now, part-time work (arubaito) is becoming more common, especially among young Japanese, and companies are beginning to offer increased mobility and frequent retraining for long-time employees.

Jobs for foreigners in Japan

Foreign workers generally fall into two categories: unskilled workers who do jobs that the Japanese would rather not do themselves (industrial manufacture, menial labor), and workers with special skills (language teachers, international businesspeople, technology specialists). The Japanese government does its best to protect native job-seekers from unemployment by regulating the arrival of foreign workers. However, English-speakers are in demand – especially as language teachers – and are almost always able to find some kind of work.

Foreigners who do not speak English or Japanese will find it nearly impossible to get a job, and in the business world Japanese skills are a must-have for every applicant.

The best way for foreigners to maximize their employability is to make themselves as flexible as possible. Knowing English, learning Japanese and improving professional skills are good places to start.

If at all possible, you should start your job search long before you leave for Japan. This way you can apply for a work visa before leaving your home country, and you will not have to change visas in Japan. Switching to a work visa from another form of visa (temporary, for example) while in Japan is difficult. Most employers will not bother to hire someone who does not have definite permission to work, and they will be hesitant toward sponsoring a work visa on such short notice.

Job portals for Japan

The websites Daijob  and Gaijinpot  offer numerous job listings. Daijob also offers a number of advice-style articles on a range of work-related topics under its Career Support Heading.  There are also Executive Search Firms like Inventa who are international headhunters specialized in positioning qualified professionals in highly paid jobs.

Depending on your previous work experience, you may have success with an executive recruitment agency such as Alex Tsukada International or East West Consulting. These agencies specialize in matching qualified management applicants with appropriate positions at Japanese companies. You send these agencies a CV and cover letter for consideration, at which point they will decide whether you are representable. The executive recruiting option will be most useful to those with significant prior management experience. As they work with senior employees, executive recruiting agencies are highly effective and confidential.

Professional associations

Numerous Japanese professional associations serve various industries. The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association  (JEITA) and the Japan Auto Manufacturers´ Association  are both examples of major trade associations.

These groups offer industry news and publications, many of which contain job listings. Another benefit to joining (or at least contacting) a professional association is that it may provide you with an opportunity to make personal contacts with colleagues and employers. In the Japanese business world, connections (kone) are a valuable resource, especially for a foreigner. Those Japanese employers or colleagues with whom you can develop personal relationships are far more likely to hire you, and even more importantly, to sponsor your work visa.

If you are looking for a job there are many alternatives but you should start as soon as possible, the Internet is full of resources to find work in almost any carreer, either using job portals or using headhunters finding a job nowadays couldn’t be easier.  The most important thing is to persevere and to be confident you can make your dreams true enjoying the work you love.