Naoto Kan of Japan Speaks Out on Fukushima

Naoto Kan the former prime minister of Japan who was in office during the Fukushima disaster speaks out about the current situation. Under the campaign slogan, “Genpatsu Zero” (No nuclear reactors, Kan has lead a campaign to stop nuclear energy in Japan. He has strongly denounced the government on nuclear energy irregularities and corruption and is a strong voice of opposition of Japan’s current government lead by the LDP Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

He has currently been appearing on foreign media outlets here is one of his appearances in Russia Today where he comments about Japan’s current nuclear situation. Below you will find the full conference given at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Japan where the ex Prime Minister exposes the Japanese government and gives his opinion about the future of Japan.

Naoto Kan’s speech at the Foreign Correspondents Club Japan (FCCJ)