How fossil fuels are making our planet greener

This is an interesting video by rational optimist Matt Ridley that singlehandedly destroys many of the environmental myths surrounding global warming.  Since the discovery of fossil fuel there has been a massive consumption worldwide that has increased the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Environmentalist like Al Gore, sustained that increased levels of carbon dioxide where contributing to the global warming however, new studies have shown that nature has responded to the increase in carbon dioxide by increasing its vegetation worldwide.  Satellite imagery and scientific studies have demonstrated that the world is becoming greener, plants grow greener and larger since they have more fuel to grow with.  The fact that we are putting more carbon dioxide into the air means there is more fuel to grow plants.

Also crops grow larger and faster as before, studies have shown that after 50 years the world uses 65% less farmland to produce the same amount of food.  Meaning we are going to need less farmland every year to produce food for the world.  Fossil fuels not only have contributed to overall global development but have also spared the lives of animals humans used to obtain fuel, like whales and walruses. Also it has allowed humans to depend less on wood to use as fuel which has increased the conservation of forests worldwide which in turn has spared the lives of animals which depended on trees.

This video is an example of rational optimism, a way of understanding the positive results of phenomena scientist or environmentalist can view as negative.

How fossil fuels are making our planet greener with Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley is the International Bestseller Author of “The Red Queen” and “Rational Optimist”