Architects of Control a Mind Control Documentary

Have you been sold a lie or have you bought a lie?

There are definitely some stuff on the internet you you feel you have the obligation to share with the world.  One of this is the online documentary Architects of Control by Michael Tsarion. This is one of the best documentaries on mind control, covering topics like manchurian candidates, brainwash programs by the MKUltra, CIA, MI6 and KGB.

Tsarion goes deep into the analysis of modern society and how it has been enslaved mentally through media, misinformation, and psychological techniques.  Based on Tsarion the human race has been enslaved through mind control like never before and the shackles they use are now made of words, beliefs, symbols and pharmaceutics.  No need to put man behind bars or to chain him so he does not run away.  Nowadays the psychological technology has advanced to such levels that they have figured out the way to enslave you without you even noticing it.  Putting you into a level of consciousness and limited awareness that resembles a profound sleep, similar to a state of hypnosis.  They have weakened our minds so they can take over our lives and make us docile and weak like big human pets.

When asked the question about what can we do about it, the answer is to free yourself from the control and empower your mind and consciousness.  Become aware, wake up!

Because, a human being who is in his center cannot be hypnotized, cannot be manipulated.

If you want out find out more, you can watch here the first part of the fascinating mind control documentary “Architects of Control”